10 Extremely Impractical Anime Villain Bases

Anime villains often have a base of operations from which they plan their various schemes in secret. The villain bases in anime have set the stage for some of the most intense character showdowns in the genre. However, not all anime villains keep practicality in mind when choosing a hideout location. Some types of bases end up causing multiple problems at the worst times.

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Some villain bases put villains in vulnerable situations that ultimately lead to their demise. Other structures add too much complexity to their extensive layouts. Whatever the reason, these bases ignore common sense in favor of appearing intimidating to intruders.

ten Dio Brando’s base in Cairo is not suitable for vampires (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The Stardust Crusaders watch Dio's mansion in Cairo

Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure calls many places his base throughout his various appearances. However, his infamous mansion in Cairo offers little protection against Dio’s vampiric weaknesses. Dio chooses to reside in the sweltering climate of Cairo despite his weakness to the sun. The various windows in the building present potential risks of sunlight penetration.

Although Dio takes precautions to darken his base, he would find more reliable security in a location that is mostly in shadow. The fact that one of Dio’s closest followers perishes due to the sun in the mansion only highlights the flaws of the location.

9 Initial League Of Villains basics offer little splendor (My Hero Academia)

Prior to the League of Villains’ alliance with the Meta Liberation Army, the League of Villains lacked resources for anything other than just basics. The League of Villains initially meet and formulate their plans in bars, empty warehouses, and cramped apartments that provide refuge but offer little training space. The League even spends weeks living in a forest during Shigaraki’s battle against Gigantomachia.

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Despite the League’s low starting funds, they still manage to enact plans and hide their moves from the Pro-Heroes. However, the organization’s newer residence in Deika City offers much more usable space for its members.

8 Muzan’s Infinity Fortress is too complex to navigate (Demon Slayer)

The demon Nakime sits in the middle of the infinite castle of Muzan

Muzan Kibutsuji Fortress in demon slayer features an impossible maze of moving rooms controlled by the demon Nakime. Nakime’s ability to change the layout of the fortress at will creates a strong defense against enemy invasion. However, the constant movement of the pieces during an enemy attack would prevent even the demons from moving accurately.

The Infinity Fortress’ reliance on a single demon to maintain its existence also creates a weakness for intruders to target. Although the building looks intimidating, its chaotic nature affects both its inhabitants and its enemies.

seven The height of the world tree makes travel difficult (Sword Art Online)

A view of the ALfheim Online World Tree in Sword Art Online

The Evil Fairy King Oberon of Sword Art Online uses the top of the ALfheim Online world tree as a base. Although King Oberon’s administrative privileges grant him unlimited movement, the tree’s colossal height would make it difficult for most players to exit the tree without difficulty. ALfheim Online player restrictions on flight distance would force anyone in the World Tree to travel a considerable distance to get supplies.

As the vast majority of players live outside of the tree boundaries, a resident of World Tree also faces loneliness and the inevitable boredom of being confined to a tight space.

6 The sea of ​​corpses pushes humans to their limits (Made In Abyss)

The Sea of ​​Corpses from Made in Abyss on the 5th layer

Corrupt scientist Bondrewd of Made in the Abyss carries out his research in a laboratory of the fifth layer of the abyss. Aside from the laboratory, the fifth layer shows no signs of human life and consists of an icy wasteland. As ascending from each layer of the abyss afflicts humans with increasingly severe ailments, anyone residing at this depth risks death by returning to the surface.

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Reaching this area of ​​the abyss requires crossing dangerous environments and escaping many monsters. Although Bondrewd uses layer effects for research, the Sea of ​​Corpses offers little more than death.

5 The Labyrinth Castle keeps its inhabitants inside (Yu Yu Hakusho)

A view of Maze Castle and its surroundings at Yu Yu Hakusho

The Holy Beasts in Yu Yu Hakusho reside in the Labyrinth Castle outside of Demon City. Although the Saint Beasts have considerable influence over the demons, their status requires them to remain in the castle indefinitely. Each resident of Maze Castle additionally keeps only one floor of the structure, which limits the ability to travel.

The Maze Castle protects Demon City from intruders with its powerful inhabitants, but it acts as a check on the power of the Saint Beasts. The base grants its residents the honor of defending Demon City, but status comes at a cost.

4 Totto Land uses food as building material (One Piece)

The infamous pirate Big Mom from A piece reigns as queen of Totto Land and the network of islands around it. Each of the islands in Totto Land revolve around a particular food item and construct buildings from edible materials. While this construction method gives Big Mom’s territory a unique appearance, some buildings include perishable food items that fail in the long run.

Some islands under Big Mom’s rule allow visitors to eat specific buildings, which only destroys community infrastructure and forces residents to periodically dispose of wasted food. Totto Land builds often come with a time limit.

3 The evil kingdom of the end exists in a desert (Smile PreCure!)

Smile PreCure's Bad End Kingdom Castle!

The evil King Pierrot and his allies in Smile PreCure! reside in the Bad End Kingdom during their battle against Earth and Märchenland. The Bad End Kingdom exists in a lightless wasteland with a landscape dominated by rocks. The unique castle offers a grand but restrictive space for the inhabitants of the kingdom.

Although the inhabitants of Bad End Kingdom are not human, the kingdom lacks the resources to maintain an army in the immediate area. Pierrot’s forces seek out negative energy in humans outside of their home realm to achieve their goal of reviving Pierrot.

2 Gravito Rock area offers little comfort or safety (black clover)

View of the Gravito Rock area and the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun at Black Clover

The Eye of the Midnight Sun uses the largest rock formation in the Gravito Rock area as its base of operations. While the mist-covered region of the Gravito Rock area helps conceal the base from intruders, the base’s multiple entrances provide opportunities for enemies to sneak inside. The area’s high mana concentration allows the base to float, which only draws attention to the secrets of the structure.

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Although the facilities of the Eye of the Midnight Sun include a maze of corridors and rooms, a stone base provides minimal comfort for a living space. The rocky environment makes it difficult to expand or change the interior layout of the base.

1 Keroro Platoon is forced to reside among humans (Sgt. Frog)

Aerial view of the Hinata house of Sgt.  Frog

The frog-like aliens of the Keroro Platoon establish their base under the Hinata family home during their invasion of Earth. The platoon leader, Keroro, builds his base near the humans after accidentally exposing his species’ plans. The Keroro Platoon Base also contains many more rooms than a headquarters needs, including a hot spring and a room devoted to Gundam characters.

The location of the underground base forces the Keroro Platoon to live alongside and aid the Hinata Family alongside their plans for conquest. The platoon members have no choice but to tolerate their situation.

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