39 technological news to start the morning informed of the latest

Even the holidays don’t stop tech news, let alone with one of the most important tech shows of the year, CES 2022, kicking off today.

The new year has brought us changes in product warranty, the availability of parts, and other new features that we are announcing to you.

German company Delivery Hero takes control of Spanish Glovo, one of the most important startups in the country.

This weekend we released the analysis of Motorola E40 mobile, Razer Kaira Pro headset and Roborock Dyad vacuum cleaner. And reports like the hidden functions of your iPhoneHow to optimize Android apps, HBO Max exclusive movies, tips for retouching and organizing photos, machines for making vegetable milk, and much more.

Technology news

Delivery Hero takes control of Glovo, the famous Spanish home delivery company. Read the news

CES 2022 is not canceled, but will last a day shorter. Read the news

The new year brings you 3 good news if you are going to buy electronic devices. Read the news

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, you are interested: the update dates to MIUI 13 have been revealed. Read the news

Samsung is showcasing a PC monitor at CES 2022 that controls home devices, and a new 240Hz curved 4K monitor.

Vote at the 2021 ComputerHoy Awards: finalists for the best high-end smart TVs. Read the news

Mobile phones

TikTok’s simple viral trick to extend your iPhone battery life. Read the news

These are the best Oppo phones you can buy in 2022. Read the report

A mobile that surprised us, the Motorola E40. Read the analysis and opinion

These are the best POCO phones you can buy in 2022. Read the report

How to stop sharing data and keep your privacy on Google Maps. Read the tutorial

Hidden Features and Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do. Read the tutorial

How to optimize the consumption of apps on Android to save battery or make them work. Read the report

Computers and tablets

XPG Vault, the first mouse with 1TB of storage. Read the news

What are the best free tools to repair Windows 11? Read the report

How to clear the various caches of Windows 11 to improve performance. Read the tutorial

Way of life

Tips to organize and edit all the photos you took this Christmas effortlessly. Read the report

What is the “aisle of shame” of supermarkets like Lidl or Aldi. Read the news

The vacuum cleaner that sucks and cleans in one go? We tested the Roborock Dyad. Read the report

Plant-based milk machines: what they are, how they work, and everything you need to know. Read the report

Guide and advice for purchasing Cecotec products: ranges, warranty, technical service … Read the report

Leisure and games

The curious reason you will never see James Bond with an iPhone. Read the news

The best movies and series you can watch for free on Pluto TV. Read the report

The Best HBO Max Movies You Won’t Find On Netflix Or Any Other Platform. Read the report

The Arcade sofa is here, for gamers nostalgic for the 90s.

How to get free games with Amazon Prime Gaming. Read the news

We tested headsets for Xbox, the Razer Kaira Pro. Read our analysis and review

Destroy 15 classic Game Boy Colors with resin to create a Pokémon game table, art or free destruction? Read the news

The 7 best FPS games to play from the browser without a powerful computer. Read the report

10 PlayStation 5 games that are surprisingly cheap despite their quality. Read the report


What’s new in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for 2022. Read the news

What is OBD and how to get the most out of your car’s electronics. Read the news


Scientists have built a robot gecko to uncover the secrets of its landing. Read the news

This robot massager costs 300,000 euros but it promises to remove all the knots from your back. Read the news

The secrets of Mount Olympus, the largest mountain in the solar system, almost three times the height of Everest. Read the news

The science-backed trick to keep water from overflowing when cooking pasta. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

On Australia’s Burning Mountain, there’s a fire that’s been burning for 6,000 years, and it’s not a volcano. Read the news

Tanbo Art, the Japanese art that creates spectacular drawings in the rice fields, how do they do it? Read the news

Ghost apples do exist and are a natural occurrence, but very rare.. Read the news

This was the summary of today’s technological news. Have a good day!

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