5 Ways Voice-Triggered Macros Can Improve Radiologist Workflow

This week at the annual conference of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine, presenters argued for the utility of voice-triggered macros in combating radiologist burnout.

Speakers Shawn Lyo, MD, of SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University and Dan Cohen-Addad, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania discussed how using voice-triggered macros could optimize radiologists’ workflows, save time and increase efficiency.

Voice-triggered macros are spoken voice commands that trigger a subsequent command to perform a specified task. Software that achieves this is easily implemented into workflows and can perform virtually countless tasks.

“You can basically use them for anything you want: faster PACS functions, emails, music playback, etc. said Cohen-Addad.

Regarding the benefits of these macros for radiologists, Lyo cited the ever-increasing mountain of work that radiologists face. While production expectations have increased, the time in which radiologists must follow them has remained the same, the speakers explained. Speaking of time constraints in particular, Lyo shared that a single use of voice macro can save 27 seconds and 24 mouse clicks/key presses; if there are 50 protocols in a team, using the macros could save 22.5 minutes and 1,200 mouse clicks/key presses.

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