A brand new technological incubator already 60% occupied by start-ups

The city of Tulsa and 36 Degrees North have just unveiled their new technology incubator on the 5th floor of the town hall.

That’s 50,000 square feet of space filled with chairs, desks, and meeting spaces for new businesses and tech startups. So far, about 60% of the space is already occupied by companies.

36 Degrees North said that at full capacity they expect this new space to house around 30 businesses.

“Our incubator is not just a space,” said 36 Degrees North President and CEO Devon Laney. “This program offers the flexibility, resources and responsibility entrepreneurs need to develop start-ups.

Laney believes this is the first partnership of its kind with a municipality.

They also used resilient panel walls in construction, which means the space can expand with businesses if they need it.

36 Degrees North has generated over $ 375 million in economic benefits over the past four years. They said that between their three locations, they created over 1,500 jobs.

Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum said he was proud to have a historic partnership like this here in Tulsa as it nurtures the next generation of employers.

“There are people who are going to start businesses here on this floor that my children and other people’s children will work for for years,” said Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum.

The tech incubator was paid for by state coronavirus relief funds, but they said the money paid in rent would be donated to help fund pandemic relief efforts in Tulsa.

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