Aspire to become a cultured force, CM tells Telangana police

The Telangana Police, which has transformed into a people-friendly police force, must also aspire to become a cultured police organization, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said, expressing his wish for the department here on Thursday.

“References to colonial policing practices must disappear. The department should strategize, learn and improve from best practices to become a cultured police force,” he said.

A cultured Telangana police force, in addition to its knowledge management, pioneering technology and operational practices, would become a shining example for the country, Rao said.

The Chief Minister was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the new Integrated State Police Command and Control Center (IPCCC), a state-of-the-art multi-agency operations center built at the cost of ₹600 crore, on Road No. 12, Banjara Hills.

A green building, with a built-up area of ​​4.26 lakh square feet, utilizing world-class technology through advanced techniques such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence for police, the iconic structure will also house the Hyderabad City Police Commissioner.

Cornerstone of governance

The Chief Minister observed that the IPCCC will not only improve police operations, but will remain a cornerstone of day-to-day governance, while coordinating and converging data from various departments.

Conceptualized in 2014, he said that the realization of the project showed the government’s desire to achieve, improve quality and seek excellence. He expressed confidence that Telangana Police would continue to create excellence with the Center in their hands.

Mr. Rao, expressing his satisfaction that the Telangana police administration over the past seven years has brought down the crime rate and improved the law and order situation, also stressed that the organization must specialize in the fight against cybercrime and drug abuse.

Focus on knowledge

Rao, who recalled the good work of several retired bureaucrats and experts, said their rich experience and knowledge should be pooled to improve service delivery in the state.

Mr Rao, who praised DGP Mahender Reddy, the mastermind behind the concept and reality of the IPCCC, said he too, like former officers Anurag Sharma, AK Khan and others, must join government service in a different role after retiring in December. .

On this occasion, Mr. Rao joined his Cabinet colleagues and senior officers to offer special prayers, inspect the facilities of the structure, the police museum, participate in expert presentations and inaugurate the office. of the Hyderabad City Commissioner of Police on the 18th floor of Tower A. He also occupied his dedicated room located on the seventh floor of the Command and Control Center.

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