China’s Winter Olympic medals hit new high! Behind every medal there was ANTA technology

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On the evening of February 20, the 24th Winter Olympics officially came to an end. China was the host country of these Winter Olympics, and its team rewrote its Winter Olympic history by setting a new medal record.

It should be mentioned that the 15 medals won by Chinese athletes were strongly associated with the Chinese sports brand ANTA, as every Chinese athlete wore the ANTA uniform during the competition.

“Shark-skin Like Skating-suit” Reduces wind resistance by 5%-10% to increase speed

The Short Track Speed ​​Skating Suit, also known as the “Sharkskin-Like Skating Suit”, is the best showcase of “Facilitating the Olympics with high-end sports technology” goal of the ANTA. This costume was designed and created by ANTA independently. Its lightness and breathability reach the highest level in the world and won the ISPO award. The entire suit is equipped with four major wind resistance technologies such as reduced air turbulence and boundary layer turbulence technologies.

ANTA has surpassed foreign brands by using three pioneering technologies in creating skeleton shoes

ANTA Winter Olympic Skeleton Shoes used intelligent simulation design. The original baffle and airfoil design could reduce the wind resistance of skeleton shoes by 10% and minimize the speed loss of athletes when jumping on the sled.

ANTA’s dedication to creating the best snowboard and ski uniforms has helped China win 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals

Eileen Gu’s Golden Dragon costume has become a trending topic on Chinese social media platforms. ANTA made Gu’s suit from GORE-TEX fabric and added PROTECTION technology, which can repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through and is designed to be a lightweight, windproof suit. The costume is custom made for her, with many types of adjustments. “I hope I can show Chinese culture to the world through freestyle skiing games,” Gu said.

From made in China to innovated in China, ANTA has a bright future

ANTA adheres to the brand concept of “keep moving”, and its investment in sports scientific research continues to be higher, which has led to continuous breakthrough in sports science and technology. ANTA has accumulated more than 1,400 product patents and gradually replaced foreign brands by providing high-end sports equipment to more Chinese national teams.

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