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Perhaps more than any other club, Arsenal have a number of top players on loan this season.

This is in part due to the market impacted by Covid-19 last year, and some transactions that would likely have been permanent could only be concluded on a temporary basis.

The reasons for the loans have also been varied, but Mikel Arteta says that at the end of the current campaign, he and his team will review the performance of these players and make decisions on what happens next. You can check ( for more information about loans.

“This will be the thing we have to tackle at the end of the season,” the manager said.

“We loaned them out because we wanted to give them playing time and see the level at which they can play away from here, try to develop them and bring them back here to try and use them.

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“This is the first idea. Then we will assess what they have done, the level they have shown and how much they can accomplish with the way we want to play and the team we have in our hands.

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When asked if he’s happy with what he’s seen so far, Arteta continued, “I’m happier with some than others. You want to see your players playing regularly and with some that haven’t. ”


Matteo guendouzi

club: Hertha Berlin
Period: Season 2020-21
Appearances in all competitions: 20
Minutes: 1519
Goals: 2
Help: 2

Lucas torreira

club: Atletico Madrid
Period: Season 2020-21
Appearances in all competitions: 22
Minutes: 629
Goals: 1
Help: 1

William saliba

club: Pleasant
Period: January-May 2021
Appearances in all competitions: 14
Minutes: 1232
Goals: 0
Help: 0

Dinos Mavropanos

club: Stuttgart
Period: Season 2020-21
Appearances in all competitions: 16
Minutes: 1139
Goals: 0
Help: 0

Sead Kolasinac

club: Schalke 04
Period: January-May 2021
Appearances in all competitions: 12
Minutes: 1021
Goals: 1
Help: 0

Joe willock

club: Newcastle United
Period: January-May 2021
Appearances in all competitions: 7
Minutes: 591
Goals: 1
Help: 0

Ainsley Maitland-Niles

club: West Bromwich Albion
Period: January-May 2021
Appearances in all competitions: 7
Minutes: 630
Goals: 0
Help: 0

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