City Lights: Transient: Impermanent Paint

Transient: impermanent paint at ARTECHOUSE

After a successful three-month stint with The life of the neuron, ARTECHOUSE DC is already on its next immersive exhibition. Since January 17, Transient: impermanent paint, created in partnership with visual artist Quayola, is open to the public. Based in London, Quayola is known for creating immersive exhibitions and using technology as a lens to explore relationships between opposing forces – real and man-made, old and new. transient is yet another attempt to do so. Described as “a duo of motorized piano and hyper-realistic projections,” the exhibit combines human and technological elements to show audiences the full artistic process. The exhibition consists of a series of audio-visual paintings, such as high-resolution, hyper-realistic digital brushstrokes that correspond to musical notes. Quayola hopes this experience will inspire participants to reassess their understandings of traditional music and artistic techniques. “This exhibition aims to blur the boundaries between image and sound,” Quayola says on the ARTECHOUSE website. “Transient does not generate finished music and paintings, but rather exhibits the impermanence behind its algorithmic potential.” Transient: impermanent paint will be on display daily from January 17 to March 6, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., at ARTECHOUSE, 1238 Maryland Ave. SW. $17 to $30. Proof of vaccination required.

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