Destroy chrome structures in Fortnite

To complete this topic related to chromium Fortnite challenge, you will have to destroy chrome structures. There’s a catch though: you can’t just destroy the many existing chrome structures you can find around the Fortnite map and hope for the best. In this guide, I will tell you how to collect Chrome splash to turn regular structures into chrome structures so you can rise to the challenge.

How to transform structure chrome in Fortnite

There are a lot of chrome structures in Fortnite, like buildings, rocks, and even a few shiny animals. New locations like Lustrous Lagoon and Herald’s Sanctum are covered in chrome, but it spawns all around the map. Falling on a chrome structure and destroying it using your pickaxe or weapon isn’t going to cut it here, but it’s the first step to completing this quest.

By destroying the existing chrome structures, you will get Chrome splash, which is basically a chrome bomb. To transform anything chrome, including yourself, fire up the Chrome Splash and wait for the structure to turn silver. Then, launch yourself with your pickaxe or your weapon. More Chrome Splash should appear this way, which means you can create even more chrome structures that you can destroy.

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You can build structures if you have enough materials, turn them into chrome and then smash them if you want to avoid being in named locations. Remember to keep an eye out for opponents who might take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate you.

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