DVIDS – News – US Army 3rd Infantry Division Hosts Augmented Reality Demonstration

FORT STEWART, Ga.- The U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division and stakeholders hosted an augmented reality demonstration to showcase its technology applications for training and equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and diagnostics at Fort Stewart, March 04, 2022. The team sought collaboration from commercial and government agencies on a collective path forward to leverage capability within the Army’s large enterprise.

Called Augmented Reality for Maintenance Training Demo and Information Day, the event drew attendees to Club Stewart to discuss ideas and solicit constructive feedback from soldiers on implementing augmented reality for a variety of military functions. Taqtile, Microsoft and Georgia Institute of Technology were the civilian companies present.

Government agencies present included the Army Applications Laboratory, Sustainment Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Combat Capabilities Development Command of the U.S. Army, the Executive Office of the Combat Support and Combat Service Support Program and the Combined Arms Support Command.

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Hefti, Chief of Plans for 3rd ID, opened the event with a brief overview of the current state of augmented reality technology and where the technology could take the army in years.

“How can we gain efficiency when we repair vehicles as they become more complex – how can we speed up that maintenance and also reduce costs?” said Hefti. “Augmented reality lets you actually see the actual equipment you’re working on and it overlays an image to help you fix those things faster.”

Hefti pointed out that the technology is already being used for vehicle maintenance in large companies. As the 3rd ID becomes the Army’s most modern armored division, he hopes to help inform the Army’s larger effort to leverage augmented reality technology. The key to this is making sure that soldiers inform what is beneficial and works for them.

“It was quite shocking at first, but it was actually very easy to use,” said U.S. Army Capt. Benjamin Mcfarlin, assistant innovation officer assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 3rd ID. . “I think augmented reality technology can have a pretty profound positive impact on the military.”

Mcfarlin performed maintenance on a mortar firing system using the augmented reality headset. He pointed out that he had no experience with the mortar firing system, but with the technology he felt very comfortable interacting with the weapon. He added that there was a dashboard in the augmented reality display with the user manual and instructional videos that allowed him to work despite having no prior experience.

As the Army emphasizes preparation for multi-domain operations, Force Training and Doctrine Command must adjust training methods and aids to account for ever-increasing volumes of information needed to maintain increasingly sophisticated weapon systems. 3rd ID is leading the effort to modernize the Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Teams for large-scale combat operations, making America’s forces more connected and lethal than ever.

Date taken: 03.04.2022
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