Engagement Alert: 2022 Marcus Kell fell in love with West Carolina

Anytime Phenom Hoop Report brings back or sees a player engagement that we’ve seen over the years, it’s always a fantastic day. It’s great to see players reach their goal of playing to the next level and it’s a great accomplishment for this player.

Here is the last engagement.

Player: Marcus Kell
Class: 2022
Committed to: West Carolina

What he said:

Phenom: What made West Carolina the place for you in the end?
Kell: When I went to visit it felt right at home and I fell in love with everything about the program and the school.

Phenom: What other factors did you like about basketball and how do they want to use you? What can you bring to the program?
Kell: I really liked the way the new coaches are changing the culture of the program and how they said they were going to develop me throughout my four years there. Also what really made me love them was how they showed me what they had planned for my next four years and I loved the future of the program and I really wanted to. to be a part of.

Phenom: What do they hope you can bring with your game?
Kell: They feel like my shooting ability and offensive skills could help them a lot.

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What was said by Phenom Hoops:

“Switching to a player who continues to make a fairly lasting impression as one of South Carolina’s top shooters, Marcus Kell. He’s a long-bodied, nervous forward with a mid-range spotting ability and beyond the arc. Kell loves to move and move along the perimeter, but can also score quite effectively facing the basket or back to the basket. He moves well for his size and makes smart passes whenever possible. Kell knows how to function within the team structure on both ends of the pitch and never forces action. Then in his development process he works to become stronger as that would make him a more inner presence. hard on both ends of the floor. Coach Bellamy on Kell: “Marcus shot the ball really well today. He showed he can handle the ball on the open court and also rebounded well for his size. He’s very coachable! Kell is a ctive which should only continue its upward trend and will start to see a slight increase in its recruitment sooner rather than later. “- SC Top 80 Rating

“Last season Kell averaged 14.3 PPG and 6’9 RPG and has become one of the region’s top prospects. Kell has a great size for the small forward stance and has the ability to stretch defense with his outside perimeter shooting skills. He has excellent basketball instincts and has improved as a versatile player. Kell currently has offerings from Belmont, Bucknell, Morehead State, Western Carolina, Winthrop, and USC-Upstate. Coach Twuan said, “Marcus Kell is a BALL PLAYER who does it on the field. He plays very hard and can score at all three levels. While Kell has established himself as a top marksman, he has become much more versatile and dangerous as an all-around player. – Rick Lewis in 2021

“Kell was one of the most refined tall men I’ve seen play today. The 6’8 tall, full bodied man maintains a great presence inside the paint. Kell uses his strong body well. to his advantage, playing very physically and bringing strength into everything he does on the pitch. The big man screens hard, covers hard and affects a ton of punches around the rim. A player with potential to hit the rim. over the next few years is extremely high and I can’t wait to see what its development looks like at this next stage! – Phenom Hoops in 2021

“Marcus has a wonderful shot in the jump, one of the best forms of shooting I have seen today. Its mechanics are consistent and it must be focused at all times. Kell could serve as a point shot option for a variety of college programs. He is probably expected for a very promising season in Legion. – Phenom Hoops in 2021

“Kell has been and continues to be a player considered to be underrated. We’re talking about a 6’7 prospect who has been known and continues to show he can be incredibly productive, operate at multiple levels and really score. the ball effectively in a variety of ways. He has displayed BIG numbers in the past and continues to be a constant force on the pitch, which is why it is confusing why more schools have not got involved. – Patrick O’Brien in 2021

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