Exclusive: First Look at the OnePlus Nord CE Design and How OnePlus Made It

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is expected to be officially unveiled later this week, and we’ve received an exclusive image of the upcoming smartphone straight from OnePlus to share with you, so you can see the back of the handset for the first time.

The image above is the upcoming OnePlus Nord CE in its Blue Void colorway. Unsurprisingly, the new phone looks a lot like the original OnePlus North, but there are some differences.

This new handset’s nickname means “Core Edition,” and the company is removing a few original North specs for this phone and offering it at a more affordable price (which we hope to hear about on June 10).

What has changed compared to the original OnePlus Nord? The placement of the flash on the back of the phone is different, and we also have this aforementioned new color (but it’s no different from the company’s Blue Marble on the first North).

The phone also appears to have three cameras on the back, one less than the original North. We haven’t learned the exact specs of what this shooter will be able to do yet, but the fact that two of the cameras are of similar size suggests that one is the main one and the other will be an ultra-wide.

It is not clear what the third lens is for, but it could be a depth camera or a macro camera. We also don’t have any photos of the front of the phone yet.

Oliver Zhang, product manager at OnePlus, told TechRadar: “CE stands for Core Edition, and the whole design philosophy revolves around the idea of ​​’core’. The essence of the “kernel” is reduction – distilling the product to the most important things.

“You see mid-range phones in the market with very exaggerated specifications. We’ve actively avoided some of these features and kept the things that we think would really make a difference in the everyday smartphone experience, like fast charging (Warp Charge 30T Plus), a 90Hz AMOLED display, or 5G.

So you shouldn’t expect huge specs on the OnePlus Nord CE, but the company is keen to include things that matter to the average person.

Zhang’s confirmation of a 90Hz display makes sense, as the OnePlus Nord featured the same technology, and a high refresh rate display is commonly available technology on cheaper smartphones from competing brands like Xiaomi.

This fast charging technology mentioned by Zhang is a new version of the company’s technology. It probably won’t act as fast as flagship phones like the OnePlus 9 Pro, but the addition of the Plus name suggests that it will offer a better charging experience than the OnePlus Nord with its Warp Charge 30 technology.

Zhang hasn’t shared what Warp Charge 30T Plus is capable of (the name suggests it’s 30 watts), but a leak last week suggested it would deliver a 70% charge from zero in just 30 minutes. This matches the OnePlus Nord, so it may not beat last year’s phone in the charge department.

Back to design

OnePlus North

The original OnePlus Nord (Image credit: Avenir)

Why does the OnePlus Nord CE look like the OnePlus Nord? The company received positive feedback on the original handset. In fact, TechRadar’s review indicated that it had an eye-catching look and a design that “brings down the affordability.”

Zhang said, “When designing the Nord CE, we focused on the basics that really contribute to a great everyday experience, but we also kept in mind some of the things that users really liked about. the original North.

“Design was one of those things that we got a lot of positive feedback on, so we decided not to change the design drastically. “

It makes sense that the company has continued with this look for its next handset, but a few tweaks have been made to set it apart from the 2020 smartphone.

It seems that OnePlus fans reacted well to the original North color as well. This seems to be the reason why OnePlus kept a similar shade for its new Blue Void color. Zhang said, “This characteristic blue color was something our users really liked, and we wanted to keep it. But we gave it a new twist, because we wanted the North CE to have its own personality.

OnePlus also first introduced the AG matte finish of the flagship phone series here on its mid-range devices with the Nord CE. It’s fingerprint resistant, and it was a technology that we saw the company’s debut on the Glacial Green color. Oneplus 8, and he later came to Oneplus 9.

Zhang said, “It’s a pretty expensive technique to use on mid-range devices, but thanks to improvements in manufacturing and production, we’ve been able to make it a more accessible device and allow more of users to discover better smartphone designs. “

Who is the OnePlus Nord CE for?

The OnePlus Nord CE should be an affordable phone, but this is a tough market for OnePlus as there are a lot of cheaper handsets out there that compete for your money in this space.

“When designing any of our products, we first focus on the experience and select the components necessary to deliver that final experience,” said Zhang.

“The biggest challenge is creating different experiences for different types of users, while consistently delivering the high quality that OnePlus users deserve. Over the years we’ve figured out what early adopters look for in a flagship phone, but the Nord series has a different type of user in mind.

“We put ourselves in the shoes of a new user who might be less sensitive to specs and features, but still want a reliable, well-designed smartphone. “

What exactly those specs will be apart from screen refresh rate, charging technology, 5G connectivity, and number of rear cameras is unclear. We’ll have to wait until later this week to find out more about OnePlus.

OnePlus is hosting an event on June 10 where it will launch the OnePlus Nord CE. The company has already confirmed that the handset is set to debut in Europe and India, so those in the US or Australia are unlikely to be able to buy it.

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus N200 5G will launch in other markets later this year, but we don’t know exactly where or when you’ll hear about this device yet. In addition, we expect to hear of a OnePlus Nord 2 and one OnePlus 9T at some point this year as well.

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