FreeWire Technologies Announces New DC Charger

FreeWire Technologies has launched its newest ultra-fast and flexible DC fast charging offering, the Boost Charger 200. The charger reaches peak power levels of 200kW.

In addition to charging capacity, the Boost Charger 200 has a battery capacity of 160 kWh and needs only one eighth of the input power required by conventional charging equipment, and can charge all models of EVs by providing up to 950 volts of power, according to the manufacturer.

FreeWire also claims that the Boost Charger 200 “has the highest power output in an integrated battery-powered charging station delivering 200 miles of range in 15 minutes and reaching peak power levels of 200kW.”

“The global movement towards electrified transport is accelerating. We must continue to make electric vehicle charging faster, more convenient and more affordable than ever before without sacrificing performance,” said Arcady Sosinov, CEO and Founder of FreeWire. “The Boost Charger 200 is our most powerful and flexible charging solution yet, and we’re particularly excited about its use case for cost-effective fleet electrification.”

FreeWire Technologies recently embarked on an expansion path, fueled by a $125 million investment in January, which was preceded by a $50 million investment in January of last year. The company is also actively engaged in cooperation with Polar & BP, as well as with Volvo, which invested as early as 2018., (product page)

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