Global Solar Panel Cleaning Industry to 2026 – by Technology, Process, Operation, Application and Region –

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The global solar panel cleaning market has reached significant market value in 2020. Aided by the rapid adoption of solar PV power, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1% between 2021 and 2026.

Companies mentioned

  • First Solar Cleaning, LLC.

  • Kashgar Solbright Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Integra Global Co., Ltd.

  • Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC.

  • Clean Solar Solutions Ltd.

Cleaning solar panels involves removing collected items from the surface of the panels, such as dust, bird droppings and ashes from forest fires. When the collected particles act as a barrier between sunlight and the panels, this procedure is used to recover the power conversion capabilities of PV. Additionally, several approaches are used throughout the process due to their usefulness in recovering module efficiency and improving power output.

Cleaning improves the power conversion performance of photovoltaics, which deteriorates due to clogging caused by unwanted objects on the panel surface. The increasing trends in solar PV installation as well as the overall falling unit cost will boost the potential of the industry. The growing emphasis on optimizing panel efficiency, followed by increasing integration of renewable energies into the global energy mix, will positively boost the industry landscape. The overall cost of solar panels has declined due to advancements in technology, spurring the growth of the solar panel cleaning industry. The overall cost of solar panels has declined due to advancements in technology, spurring the growth of the solar panel cleaning industry.

Strict environmental standards coupled with government incentives and subsidies favorable to the deployment of solar PV will further fuel the uptake of the service. The growing inclination of customers for environmentally friendly cleaning methods, coupled with the adoption of advanced technologies to effectively remove accumulated particles without affecting the modules, will positively propel the industry landscape. The accessibility of organic chemicals as a replacement for water-based cleaning techniques will complement product uptake. In addition, low unit cost, high reliability and easy accessibility are major features that will drive product demand. The growing industrialization of the region is fueling the boom in the solar energy industry, which increases the demand for cleaning solar panels.

Main topics covered:

1 Preface

2 Report Coverage – Key Segmentation and Scope

3 Description of the report

3.1 Market definition and outlook

3.2 Properties and applications

3.3 Market analysis

3.4 Key players

4 key assumptions

5 Executive summary

5.1 Overview

5.2 Main drivers

5.3 Key developments

5.4 Competitive structure

5.5 Main industrial trends

6 Snapshot

6.1 Global

6.2 Regional

7 Industry opportunities and challenges

8 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market Analysis

8.1 Key Industry Highlights

8.2 Global Historical Solar Panel Cleaning Market (2016-2020)

8.3 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market Forecast (2021-2026)

8.4 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market by Technology

8.5 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market by Process

8.6 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market by Operation

8.7 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market by Application

8.8 Global Solar Panel Cleaning Market by Region

9 Regional analysis

10 Market dynamics

10.1 SWOT analysis

10.2 Porter’s five forces analysis

11 Competitive landscape

11.1 Market structure

11.2 Company profiles

12 industry events and developments

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