Haffner Energy launches a new phase of deployment of its Hynoca® technology

VITRY-LE-FRANÇOIS, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory news:

Haffner Energy (Paris:ALHAF) launches new phase of Hynoca deployment®, its unique technology for decarbonization and production of green hydrogen as well as renewable gas by thermolysis of biomass. The innovations put in place will make it possible to increase the hydrogen production capacity of each module while reducing the footprint on the customer’s site.

In this context, Haffner Energy has just signed an amendment to the contract concluded in July 2020 with R-Hynoca, a joint venture created with the company ENR (Réseau Energies Renouvelables), itself a subsidiary of the Strasbourg energy company R-GDS. .

The initial contract provided for the assembly and installation in 2021 of a pilot module with a production capacity of 11 kg of hydrogen per hour, followed by two additional modules in 2022 for a total production of three modules of 33 kg of hydrogen. hydrogen per hour at mid-term. 2023.

The amendment signed on May 31, 2022 now provides for the supply to R-Hynoca of 2 modules producing a total of 30 kg of hydrogen per hour instead of the 3 initially planned for the same capacity. These modules will be delivered to the R-GDS site at the end of 2023. Equipped with more efficient technology, they will also meet the space constraints of the R-GDS site.

In the meantime, Haffner Energy will install a new generation module in Strasbourg on which tests will be carried out until 1st quarter of 2023. The two demonstration modules will be gradually moved to Haffner Energy’s future test and research and development station, the site of which is currently being identified.

In accordance with the strategy outlined during its IPO on February 14, 2022, Haffner Energy is accelerating its R&D investments to offer its customers, industrial consumers of hydrogen or gas as well as players in clean mobility, technologies of more more efficient solutions that meet the strategic needs of Europe’s energy independence combined with the acceleration of its decarbonization.

About Haffner Energy

A family business co-founded and co-directed by Marc and Philippe Haffner, a player in the energy transition for 28 years, Haffner Energy designs and provides technologies and services enabling its customers to produce green hydrogen and renewable gas to replace gas natural, combined with carbon capture through the co-production of biochar via its Hynoca® process based on the thermolysis of biomass. This process allows the production of hydrogen or renewable gas at very competitive costs, with a negative carbon footprint of 12 kg (net) of CO2 per kg of hydrogen, while depending very little on the electricity network and the cost of electricity. This allows Haffner Energy to make a very fast and agile contribution to the strategic challenges of Europe’s energy independence combined with the acceleration of its decarbonization.

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