King says supporting voter rights legislation is the most important vote he’ll get in his life

Senator Angus King of Maine took to national television Wednesday night on the eve of what should be a long and historic debate on voting rights legislation to say democracy is in danger if the legislation is not adopted by the Senate.

In an interview with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, King said Americans overwhelmingly support voter rights legislation and indicated that he would be willing to change the Senate obstruction rule if that could ensure the adoption of legislation on voting rights.

“And here’s one of the ironies. This bill that we will be debating is bipartisan everywhere except the United States Senate. A poll just released today, over 60% of Americans want easy mail voting. They want postal voting. They want Election Day to be a public holiday, ”King told Wallace. “They support all of the provisions of the bill that we are talking about. They are Democrats and Republicans. But it is a totally partisan effort here in the Senate to block (the passage).

King appeared with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday to talk about the importance of passing voting rights legislation despite the lack of support from Republicans. King, an independent, caucus with the Democrats.

“We have been working on this subject for a year, and we have had virtually no contact (from Republicans), no discussion on how to deal with these issues which are in the Free Voting Law and the Voting Law. John Lewis’ voting rights, ”King said. “I believe the vote taken this week is the most important vote I will ever take in my life. Not because of a problem, but because of the structure of democracy itself.

“Democracy is fragile, it’s unusual. The great British historian Arnold Toynbee once said: “Civilizations commit suicide, they are not murdered. I don’t want that to happen in the United States of America.

Lacking a voice to change the filibuster rules, Senate Democrats are pursuing a new strategy regarding their sweeping voting and election legislation: launching a debate without the assurance of a vote in order to force a public confrontation over it. the issue, the Associated Press reported. By hosting a debate, Schumer will achieve the Democrats’ goal of shining the spotlight that prompts senators to say where they stand. The debate on the ground could stretch for days and carry echoes of civil rights battles a generation ago that led to some of the most notorious obstructions in Senate history.

Democrats have pledged to counter a wave of restrictive new election laws inspired by former President Donald Trump’s false claims about a stolen election. But after a first wave of activity, Democrats’ efforts have stalled in the tightly divided Senate, where they lack the 60 votes to overcome a Republican obstruction, which has led to their calls for a rule change.

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