MARTIN eSPDM is an intelligent wire harness technology, composed of intelligent electronic power distribution modules that create an adaptive electrical current network to operate all of the electrical components in a vehicle. The eSPDM provides a new state-of-the-art solution for conventional, electric and autonomous vehicles.

eSPDM the benefits include up to 90% reduction in wiring content, lower bundle cost per vehicle, and significant mass reduction resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Additional cutting edge features include, a fire prevention algorithm, wireless reconfigurability, self-diagnosis, EMI noise prevention and preventive maintenance.

Applications for the new MARTIN Technologies eSPDM understand:

Military vehicles

First aid vehicles

Marine vessels

Aerospace vehicles

VTOL / Drones

AGV / Robotics


Stationary power

Industrial vehicles

Everything with a wire harness

CEO of MARTIN Technologies Harold Martin said, “We look forward to launching our new technology and allowing leading customers to explore the many features incorporated in this disruptive new technology. The mobility industry has grown in many segments and the timing couldn’t be better for the introduction of our eSPDM Intelligent wiring system. The Stellantis Matchmaker event is a great platform for us to unveil our new eSPDM Technology. We have gone from working prototypes to comprehensive engineering, testing and validation programs that meet the strict standards required by OEMs. The MARTIN team is moving forward based on early interest from mobility OEMs requesting a production start in MY 2023. ”

Brian jones, President said “We are also very pleased to share that MARTIN has signed a development program that includes several new technologies including the Smart Wiring Harness system for implementation in the Volcon ePowersports range of four wheel products.

Michael Van Steenburg, Chief Technology Officer added, “We will maintain our path of continued growth in mobility technologies and in doing so, we are taking the necessary steps to exceed our goals and recognize our valued partners. Our continuous development of new technologies and our people are our strength as we continue to build the best products and teams in the world. We have several other new technology announcements coming up for the EV / AV mobility market.

About MARTIN Technologies

MARTIN Technologies is a full-service global engineering and manufacturing company with capabilities in all forms of mobility including the automotive, maritime, aerospace and defense industries. MARTIN, since his beginnings in motorsport in 1996, has experienced constant growth in the mobility industry. The company excels with innovative methods and best practices while supporting the world’s most innovative clients. Their global experience in propulsion systems such as ICE, HEV, BEV, Hydrogen and other new technologies creates an exciting and diverse environment for their team.

MARTIN Technologies is an established and highly regarded, leading global supplier to Tier 1 OEM and automotive customers with core competencies that include the design, engineering, development, testing, validation and manufacture of vehicles and components. The company is a leading automotive supplier and new technology development company focused on everything related to mobility, including the development of breakthrough technologies for the EV / AV segments. Visit: or by email to [email protected]

About Volcon ePowersports

Volcon Inc. ( is the premier all-electric and all-terrain powersports company that designs, designs and manufactures a full line of electric family and outdoor utility vehicles. Situated at Austin, Texas, Volcon was founded with the mission of improving the outdoor experience while reducing the industry’s environmental footprint so that adventurers and workers alike can enjoy the outdoors and preserve it for generations to come.

Media contact: Ebru Schrodter, 210.803.0984
[email protected]

SOURCE MARTIN Technologies

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