MB Fund announced the winner of the 2021 IMAP Innovation Award

The MB Fund is delighted to have received the IMAP Managed Account Award 2021 in the Innovation category!

Innovation is at the heart of the MB Fund. We know a lot of companies say this, and it’s almost a prerequisite for doing business these days, but it’s a value that we have rooted in the fabric of Nucleus Wealth and we are working every day to be. the height.

Winning in this category is huge recognition of the cutting edge technology we have developed at the MB Fund to bring personalized investment to all Australians. Managed accounts are fundamental to our ability to do this, and therefore we are extremely proud to receive this honor from IMAP. – Shelley George, operations manager at the MB Fund

We want to restore confidence and innovation in finance. We believe that the technology has evolved to the point where retail customers can access the personalization and quality of institutional products in a cost effective manner. It means better results for them. That’s why we’ll continue to strive to create innovative financial products, lower our fees for investors, and leverage technology to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing to market a unique, tailor-made and quality investment solution.

You can see our acceptance of the award in the video below


Damien Klassen is Head of Investments at the Macrobusiness Fund, which is funded by Nucleus Wealth.

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