Mediaplanet Partners with Byrdy Kelley and Industry Leaders to Discuss Developments in Rental Market During COVID-19

Mediaplanet’s “Renting in America” campaign will be an educational guide for today’s property manager, landlord and owner.

Due to the competitive rental market in the wake of COVID-19, managers, landlords and landlords can no longer count on a one-size-fits-all approach to tenant satisfaction and retention. To protect their real estate investment and stay ahead of the competition during and after the pandemic, rental professionals are making customer service their # 1 priority for the rest of the year.

Mediaplanet’s “Renting in America” campaign will be an educational guide for today’s property manager, landlord and owner. Whether you are a new owner looking to earn extra cash or a veteran of the rental industry, this campaign will highlight the innovative tools, services and technologies needed to stay ahead of the growing competition in the rental industry. . This campaign highlights best practices for using these resources to more effectively create the consumer experience that many rental customers expect in today’s competitive marketplace.

After collaborating with leading real estate associations and industry thought leaders to explore the ever-changing landscape of the rental industry, Mediaplanet today announces the launch of the December 2021 edition of its campaign, “Renting in America “. This campaign addresses a range of topics from both the residential and commercial side of the industry, including the amenities that generate the best ROI, the latest technologies and trends advancing the industry, and ways to better protect the community. and reduce liability through tenant selection. and property management insurance.

The print component of “Renting in America” ​​is distributed in today’s edition of USA Today in Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, North Florida, Central Florida, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Washington DC, New Orleans, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Boston, South Florida, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Seattle Markets. The digital component is distributed nationally, through an extensive social media strategy, and through a network of leading news sites and partner outlets. To discover the digital version of the campaign, Click here.

This campaign was made possible thanks to the support of the National Apartment Association (NAA), the National Real Estate Investor Association (National REIA), the Institute if Real Estate Management (IREM), the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), American Apartment Owner Association (AAOA), Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), Byrdy Kelley (CEO and co-founder of Melan Property Management and REAME), Steve Weikal ( CRE Tech Lead of the Real Estate Innovation Lab and industrial relations manager for the MIT Center for Real Estate), Mike DelPrete (Real Estate Tech Strategist), Barbara Corcoran (Real Estate Magul on Shark Tank), Chadwell Supply, ResMan, Zeus, Naborly, Sherwin-Williams, Whirlpool, HUB International and

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