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Educational institutions should prepare young people for the future by imparting ‘necessary knowledge’ and ‘right skills’, President Draupadi Murmu said on Saturday, expressing his confidence that this could be achieved with the help of the famous institutes. Indians of Technology (IIT).

IITs are the pride of the nation and their history is that of independent India, the President said at the closing ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of IIT Delhi on Saturday.

By 2047, when India celebrates the centenary of its independence, the world will have changed dramatically due to the fourth industrial revolution, Murmu said. We need to have foresight and strategies in place to deal with the forces of the future, where disruption will be a new normal, she said.

“If we take steps to protect ourselves from the vagaries of the future, we can reap rich demographic dividends. We must make our institutes adaptable to the future. This will require a new teaching-learning matrix, forward-looking pedagogy and content,” Murmu said. “I am sure that with our famous IITs, we will be able to train the younger generation with the necessary knowledge base and the right skills to meet the challenge. India will benefit immensely from the next wave of technological revolution.

Stressing that climate change poses a serious challenge, the President said that as a developing country with a large population, our energy needs for economic growth are very high.

“Therefore, we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies. India, as you know, has taken a commendable lead in the international arena in promoting solar energy,” she said. “In the years to come, as the world anxiously searches for technological solutions to environmental challenges, I am confident that India’s young engineers and scientists will help humanity achieve a breakthrough.”

“The nation will have similar expectations from ITIs for their contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” she added.

Noting the contribution of IITs to improving India’s standing on the world stage, the President said, “Your faculty and alumni have shown the world our intellectual might. Some of those who have studied here and at other IITs are now at the forefront of the digital revolution that is sweeping the world. Moreover, the impact of IITs goes beyond science and technology. IITians are leaders in all walks of life – in education, industry, entrepreneurship, civil society, activism, journalism, literature and politics.

She commended IIT Delhi for maintaining high standards in teaching and research. His students were some of the best minds of their generation, she said, while appreciating him for mentoring new IITs in Ropar and Jammu.

“IIT Delhi has contributed significantly in building the image of IITs as centers of excellence across the globe,” she said.

India has a large talent pool which is yet to be fully tapped, the president said. Women and marginalized communities also offer rich talents, but these students only began to access educational opportunities in significant numbers after independence, she said.

“I’m happy to see so many young women here today. I understand that the female students of IIT Delhi have done wonderfully well even in its early years. They succeeded in busting the myth that very few women excel in STEM i.e. science, technology, engineering and math,” Murmu said. “Their success is motivating more and more girls to consider careers in STEM and breaking a few more glass ceilings. To make India atmanirbhar (self-sufficient), the contribution of its young women will be most critical.

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