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Posted: October 15, 2021 at 3:54 p.m. CDT|Update: 7 hours ago

SUN,California., October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The rapidly evolving global cryptocurrency market is currently in turmoil with the recent introduction of three extraordinarily designed mining rigs, AW1, AW 2, and AW Pro from ASICWay ( ). Instead of focusing only on highly knowledgeable and tech-savvy mining pillars, these three products were created to enable casual enthusiasts as well as small miners to make their fortune with crypto mining by generating a return on investment in just one month.

In less than a month on the market, miners have been used by many common users without any technical training to achieve healthy returns on their investment. This was made possible by the extraordinary hashing power offered by the products. In addition, with low energy consumption, ASICWay miners are now among the most energy-efficient mining equipment on the market.

AW 1 Miner: Bitcoin 380 TH / s, Litecoin 40 GH / s, Ethereum 2.5 GH / s and Monero 3 MH / s, and power consumption of 650 W.

AW 2 Miner: Bitcoin 610 TH / s, Litecoin 64 GH / s, Ethereum 4 GH / s and Monero 5 MH / s, and power consumption of 850 W.

AW Pro Miner: Bitcoin 1950 TH / s, Litecoin 200 GH / s, Ethereum 13 GH / s and Monero 16 MH / s, and a power consumption of 2200 W.

Projected income potential for AsicWay AW PRO

  • Bitcoin: $ 678.35/daytime, $ 4,748.42/the week, $ 20.35k/month, $ 247.60/year
  • Litecoins: $ 805.91/daytime, $ 5,641.35/the week, $ 24.18k/month, $ 294.16k/year
  • Ethereum: $ 899.75/daytime, $ 6,298.24/the week, $ 26.99/month, $ 328.41k/year
  • Monero: $ 1,099.59/daytime, $ 7,697.11/the week, $ 32.99,000/month, $ 401.35/year

Projected revenue potential for AsicWay AW 2

  • Bitcoin: $ 208.15/daytime, $ 1,457.08/the week, $ 6,244.63/month, $ 75.98k/year
  • Litecoins: $ 257.01/daytime, $ 1,799.05/the week, $ 7,710.21/month, $ 93.81K/year
  • Ethereum: $ 267/daytime, $ 1869/the week, $ 8,000/month, $ 97.50k/year
  • Monero: $ 321/daytime, $ 2253/the week, $ 9,658/month, $ 117,000/year

Projected income potential for AsicWay AW 1

  • Bitcoin: $ 129.32/daytime, $ 905.26/the week, $ 3,879.69/month, $ 47.20k/year
  • Litecoins: $ 160.30/daytime, $ 1,122.10/the week, $ 4,809/month, $ 58.51k/year
  • Ethereum: $ 170.18/daytime, $ 1,191.27/the week, $ 5105.44/month, $ 62.12K/year
  • Monero: $ 207.94/daytime, $ 1,455.56/the week, $ 6,238.10/month, $ 75.90k/year

Over the years, cryptocurrency mining has seen some serious improvements. However, due to the highly technical nature of this field, it had limited, if any, scope for people with technological challenges. ASICWAY has already changed this perception by creating three preconfigured platforms that only need to be plugged in for a simple crypto mining experience.

ASICWay miners are suitable for home use as they generate little heat and noise. Plus, unlike hundreds of products on the market, miners don’t need a huge amount of space.

To learn more about ASICWay Miners, please visit

About AsicWay: AsicWay is an innovative technology company created and managed by a team of experienced engineers and enlightened minds inspired by the idea of ​​bringing the best technology to the crypto mining market. The company operates with the vision of providing unprecedented crypto mining opportunities to all types of investors.

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