Prime Minister Modi’s New Suggestion: ‘One Nation, One Police Uniform’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is credited with coming up with some of the flagship concepts across multiple spheres of governance. On Friday, he again proposed another such idea: “One nation, one police uniform”.

Addressing an online brainstorming session of state interior ministers, Prime Minister Modi asked them to consider introducing a single uniform for police forces across the country.

Currently, the attire of police forces in several states is different from each other. “I simply submit this as a reflection for your consideration,” he said.

“This will not only ensure quality products due to scale, but also give law enforcement a common identity as citizens will recognize police personnel anywhere in the country. States can have their number or insignia,” he told the rally.

He also stressed the need to think about developing special capacities for tourism-related police, calling tourists “the biggest and fastest reputational ambassadors” of any place.

He also stressed the importance of sensitivity and the need to develop a personal touch.

Citing examples of calls from the police during the Covid-19 pandemic to help people, the Prime Minister also called for strengthening human intelligence as well as technological intelligence as this cannot be ignored.

He called on the police to remain vigilant in the face of new challenges emerging as a result of India’s growing stature.

Encouraging police to debunk fake news on social media, Prime Minister Modi said India faced losses due to fake news on job bookings in the past.

“We need to come up with technological advancements to prevent the spread of fake news,” he added.

He also shed light on the need for civil protection in the country and urged firefighters and police to conduct drills in schools and colleges to cheer on the students.

Prime Minister Modi said that while the maintenance of law and order is the responsibility of states according to the constitution, it is also linked to the unity and integrity of the country.

“Each state must learn from each other, be inspired by each other, work for the betterment of the country, this is the spirit of the constitution and it is also our responsibility towards the compatriots”, he said. -he declares.

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