Putin’s Nightmare: Russian Army Removes Old Soviet Weapons From Warehouse

Russia struggles to restock, forced to use Soviet equipment in Ukraine – As Russia continues to struggle to resupply its troops in the eastern Donbass region, Russian troops would be forced to lean heavily on obsolete Soviet-made military equipment to continue the military offensive in the region.

According to a statement from Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate, Russian forces have been using stockpiled weapons since the 1970s.

What equipment does Russia use in Ukraine?

In a statement, the Intelligence Directorate alleged that in April Russian forces seized 18 ACS “Msta-S” howitzers, 28 ACS “Acacia” self-propelled artillery guns, 15 additional ACS “Msta-S” howitzers and 20 ACS “Gvozdika”. howitzers out of storage.

In addition, 15 MLRS “Uragan” self-propelled multiple launch rocket systems and 11 TRC “Tochka-U” tactical ballistic missiles were also removed from 109 former arsenals.

Restoration of combat capability and staffing of military equipment of the Western MILITARY SI troop grouping is carried out, including at the expense of military equipment, removed from storage at 239 mobilization deployment centers (Boguchar, 45 km of SCU). Maintenance and repair is carried out by 215 orvb (Marshal Zhukov) 20A units, ” the statement continues.

Russia loses hundreds of tanks and more in Ukraine

The move probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given that analysts have repeatedly warned of Russia’s supply of military equipment and ammunition being cut short over the past month. These problems would also have been aggravated by supply chain issues which prevented Russia from importing the necessary microchips and technological parts manufactured in NATO countries, and general financial difficulties.

UralVagoNZavod, the Russian manufacturer from Sverdlovsk responsible for much of the country’s battle tank manufacturing, is struggling to produce T-90 and T-72 tanks, as well as the next-generation T-14 Armata tank.

The Vladivostok shipyard was reportedly unable to fulfill government arms orders valued at a estimated value 25 billion rubles ($323 million).

Ukraine says Russia has lost 3,000 armored vehicles and 460 tanks so far.

“It’s not good military leadership if you lose so many men and so much equipment,” Ukrainian military expert Yuri Zbanatski said. said on CBS News.

Speaking of Russian tanks, many of which were abandoned in the town of Bucha, Zbanatski said Russian soldiers abandoned the vehicles after running out of fuel. For those who find the abandoned tanks, he said, they are “finders keepers”.

“Their staff are not properly trained. Their commanders are unable to properly plan their offensive operations,” he also said.

Russia would also have lost an estimated total of 21,800 troops and 191 drones. Some 154 helicopters, 19 aircraft and 17 MLRS were also reported lost. Other estimates of Russian tank losses put the number at 873.

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