‘Spirited’ is jam-packed with solid show tunes and full-force party cheers

If anyone ever wished for a Christmas musical starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, wish no more, because Fiery is looking to scratch that itch starting Nov. 18 on Apple. Not only reboot A Christmas Carol for contemporary audiences, but doing so with very festive dance numbers.

Written by John Morris and director Sean Anders, this scholarly adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic allows the two leading men to develop their charisma. Ferrell takes on haunting duties as a Christmas present, while Reynolds can embrace his cynical side thanks to PR profiteer Clint Briggs – which Anders makes sure to take full advantage of by allowing the chemistry between them to flourish, bound by nothing more than boatloads of show. tunes.

After an infectious opener that features Marley (Patrick Page), Christmas Past (Sunita Mari) and Present – ​​this Apple original wastes no time establishing plot points. As is tradition with this Dickensian stalwart, redemption remains a moral imperative when it comes to making history work. After more than four decades of offering salvation to redeemable souls, Present is conflicted about retiring and decides to stay one more year.

Ryan Reynold's new Christmas movie has critics split in two
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However, with all the Christmas pieces in place and the scripted scenarios lit green, these afterlife experts run into an unexpected problem. One that begins with the arrival of Briggs from Reynolds, seconds after their intended pick has surfaced. Beyond the sharp sarcasm, deadpan delivery, and effortless comedic timing that follows, something far more surprising elevates Spirited above its competition.

It turns out that Reynolds has the ability to be a real man of song and dance. Channeling tunes from lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, both of The Earth, this laconic top-notch shoe weaves its way through a film that’s surprisingly light on schmaltz. Following a tried-and-tested formula that compels Clint to encounter pivotal moments in his life, with the intention of experiencing a life-changing epiphany, Fiery remains an audiovisual treat with authentic charm.

With Ferrell in full force balancing family fare and adult-oriented humor, Apple has certainly delivered something special. Alongside Octavia Spencer as Clint’s personal assistant, Kimberly, this film also showcases her captivating vocal talents, while introducing audiences to the Oscar-winning actress’ softer side, which compounds the feel-good factor. be of this obviously festive musical, while squeezing a little love. item of interest.

That life’s lessons are learned and epiphanies lived goes without saying, as writer/director Anders never shy away from emotional manipulation. When Fiery drift into the arena of originality, it happens through structure, as this redemption story swings between the central protagonists, allowing each to reach their own emotional resolution before bonding over common ground .

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel in Spirited
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Story and structure aside, the film’s success comes down to a sense of the ensemble cast, where everyone involved bands together to make things work. Both Reynolds and Ferrell seem to relish the chance to try something new, throwing genuine enthusiasm behind every musical number. The success rate of these tracks is also surprising, as the overall momentum is maintained by their quality as a whole.

Fortunately, not only Fiery contain songs that are sure to become classics, but they are sung with a level of commitment that elevates everything else. With a combination of supreme visual effects and inventive choreography orchestrated by Chloe Arnold, audiences will be swept away by this musical long before it hits the holiday season proper.

Not only embracing the perfect meta-moments that spice up this shamefully upbeat Christmas tale, but having your eyes opened to Ferrell and Reynolds like they’ve never been seen before. High weaves its way through a series of majestic spectacle bits that may not challenge Broadway regulars, but will certainly deliver their fair share of jaw-dropping moments from two of Hollywood’s most unlikely musical stars.

Big in show and big in life lessons, Fiery manages to surprise, inspire and entertain in equal measure. Not only by subverting certain expectations, but by betting on the untested abilities of an ensemble that come out on top in the best possible way.

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