STL Unveils Cosmos 5G to Help Indian Telcos Fiber their Networks for 5G

Enabling Indian telecom operators to fiber 5g networks at a rapid pace

Help create a high quality and sustainable fiber infrastructure for the country

NEW DELHI, October 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — STL (NSE: STLTECH), one of the industry’s leading digital network integrators, today announced Cosmos 5G – an optical solution for towers and small cells – to accelerate the deployment of 5G.

As India approaches the long-awaited 5G buildouts, telecom operators must consider fiberization with a futuristic lens. india the fiber content will increase ~3X to 60 Mn fkm per year. The fibrisation of towers and small cells will be an important driving force. The fibrization of the tower must pass from ~35% to ~80% to provide high quality 5G services. Additionally, 5G will require up to 4X small cells, carried with fiber.

Despite the intention and the availability of capital, india fiber space is limited by speed and scale of deployment. Cosmos 5G is a Atmanirbhar, a patented solution capable of solving these problems and connecting every tower, small cell and node. He understands :

  1. 5G optical network topology design – The design will provide a highly competent network with reduced scalability, bandwidth and latency
  2. StellarMT Fiber – This bend-insensitive fiber, suitable for congested 5G topology, minimizes data loss and ensures speed through transparent splicing
  3. Smart Link Celesta Flat Cables– These high density cables will reduce installation time and optimize project costs
  4. Plug-and-Play Optical Devices STL Opto Bolt and Opto Blaze offer a pre-terminated and hardened plug-and-play solution, resulting in faster execution and deskilling of field installations
  5. Automation Driven Fiber Deployment– This technology-driven approach offers a fiber bridge using robots and AI-based field management systems

Launch of 5G Cosmos at IMC 2022, Pankaj MiglaniDirector of Supply Chain Management, Bharti Airtel said: “We are preparing our infrastructure for 5G and fiberization is a fundamental need. We are happy to see the use cases that 5G Cosmos can solve for telecom operators and allow us to offer an excellent 5G experience to our customers. “

CEO of STL, Ankit Agarwalpoints out, “Indian telecom operators are ready to install fiber high density networks for 5G. This will require an integrated and futuristic solution. potential of 5G. We want the best telecom operators for one of the largest 5G deployments in the world.”

About STL – Sterlite Technologies Ltd:

STL is a leading digital network integrator that helps telcos, cloud enterprises, citizen networks, and large enterprises deliver enhanced experiences to their customers. To know more, contact us. |Twitter | LinkedIn | Youtube

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