Thales and Atos develop a sovereign Big Data and AI platform for defense and security

Atos and Thales announce the creation of Athea, a joint venture that will develop a sovereign big data and artificial intelligence platform for public and private sector actors in the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities of the ‘State.

Athea will rely on the experience acquired by the two companies during the demonstration phase of the ARTEMIS program, the big data platform of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. The contract for the optimization and preparation of the large-scale deployment of the ARTEMIS platform was also awarded jointly to the two managers by the French Defense Procurement Agency on April 30, 2021. The new joint venture will initially be used the French market before approaching the European markets. requirements at a later date.

With the exponential increase in the number of information sources and the increased pressure to respond more quickly to potential problems, state agencies must manage ever greater volumes of heterogeneous data and accelerate the development of new AI applications where security and sovereignty are essential.

Athea will create a solution to securely manage sensitive data nationwide and support the implementation of this solution in government programs. The new entity will also provide expertise, consulting, training and other services.

The joint venture will pool investments, expertise and business experience to respond quickly and effectively to the demand for innovation. Athea will work with an ecosystem of large companies, SMEs, start-ups and research institutes specializing in big data and artificial intelligence.

In collaboration with the recently created Digital Defense Agency, the joint entity will also provide secure solutions and open and modular technological bricks, which encourage collaboration and stimulate the industrial and sovereign ecosystem, in order to support the development of applications. of confidence.

“This joint venture between Thales and Atos illustrates the commitment of our two companies to supporting the digital transformation of our customers by offering a secure and innovative solution based on French technology to process huge volumes of heterogeneous data. Together, we will capitalize on our respective areas of expertise to provide the best big data and artificial intelligence solutions. Said Marc Darmon, Executive Vice President, Communications and Secure Information Systems, Thales.

“Sensitive data capacities have become a matter of sovereignty for state agencies. By combining the expertise of two major players in defense and digital technologies with the flexibility of a dedicated entity, Athea will generate enormous potential for innovation, and stimulate the industrial and defense ecosystem, including start-ups. up innovative, to meet the needs of government agencies. and other industry players.

This new joint venture between Atos and Thales is an opportunity to combine a global understanding of the defense and security challenges facing European states with access to the latest innovations in big data and artificial intelligence. said Pierre Barnabé, Senior Executive Vice President, Big Data and Cybersecurity, Atos.

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