The Brazilian Air Force presents a new flight simulator

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) announced on August 25 the introduction of a new flight simulator. The modernized T-4000 simulator is in service with the Brazilian Air Force Academy (AFA).

The system was designed and developed through a partnership between the AFA and the São José dos Campos Air Force Aeronautical Computing Center.

The two military units began working on the new solution after the delivery of the first modernized T-27 aircraft to the AFA earlier this year.

Although it is based on the T-4000 simulator (the system that was previously used in the Brazilian Air Force Academy), the new solution includes a redesigned panel, avionics and structure with systems Garmin and improved flight capabilities.

According to a press release issued by the FAB, the new simulator allows “full immersion in the aircraft”, and interaction with all the instruments and functionalities of the T-27M, “in addition to allowing reliable training in flight procedures. ’emergency”.

Besides the modernized T-4000, the FAB operates two other locally developed simulation systems: the T-300 (a VR simulator) and Marte (which simulates interstate conflict scenarios for use in operational exercises).

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