The Greensboro Justice Coalition: an organization for change

The Greensboro Justice Coalition (GJC) is an activist organization committed to ending police violence and abuse across the city and country.

The GJC is made up of different groups that come together, such as the Beloved Community Center, the Good Neighbor Movement, Democracy Greensboro, Greensboro Rising, Guilford for All, the Homeless Union of Greensboro and the Sunrise Movement.

The Coalition organizes meetings, advocates through social media and dissemination platforms, and organizes community social activities.

The Greensboro Justice Coalition serves and represents those it considers most abandoned and it does so by following its four main principles:

  • Act only on things that the group thinks need to be resolved
  • Make the voice of their communities heard
  • We are diverse and inclusive and allow people from all walks of life to participate
  • We remain curious about their differences and encourage exploration

The Greensboro Justice Coalition also has its own structure, a design made up of each team that has its own work and task.

The steering team is responsible for defining the direction and for each month to come. The action planning team meets weekly and plans upcoming actions or events.

The community and base building team is focused on ways to develop its community and base. Finally, the communications team keeps the community informed of everything and also advertises the organization.

All of this is done to ensure that justice is done for those who had no say or no choice. For example, Marcus Deon Smith, is their current focus right now.

They created the #JusticeforMarcus because of an incident that has occurred. On September 8, 2018, Marcus Deon Smith approached police as he was walking, in a state of fear and shock, in and out of traffic on Church Street in downtown Greensboro.

He was showing obvious signs of discomfort. Mr. Smith struggled with a diagnosed mental illness that is believed to cause extreme anxiety, paranoia and delusions.

Marcus Smith enlisted the help of the police to ask if he could be taken to hospital. That being said, he voluntarily got into a police patrol car after learning he would be taken to hospital for medical treatment.

After a short time, Mr. Smith became distressed and fearful. He tried to get out of the vehicle, and when he was allowed to get out of the car, several police officers pinned him face down on the sidewalk, handcuffed his hands behind his back, and began to forcefully tie his hands up. feet close to his hands behind his back with a strap.

Advocacy “Please! And “I can’t resist,” Smith moaned. His movements were sudden but not violent according to the footage from police cameras, as shown in assemblync.

This procedure of tying an inmate’s hands and feet is “hard-hitting” by the Greensboro Police Department, but is commonly referred to as hogtying.

While immobilized in the most hostile manner, he stopped breathing and had no pulse. He was later pronounced dead at Cone Hospital, according to WXii12.

For this reason, the Greensboro Justice Coalition made seven different demands to the Greensboro City Council. The list of requests is as follows.

  • Settle the Smith family case and stop using $ 300 an hour on defense attorneys.
  • Provide a written and verbal apology to the Smith family and the community for the incident.
  • Disseminate to the public all the personal and disciplinary files of the investigator and the agents present
  • Make sure that the consequences are inflicted on the police officers who tied Marcus Smith and those who remained there without arresting him.
  • Institute an ordinance (law) that prohibits hogtying and restricts the excessive use of force.
  • Invest in mental health workers as an alternative in crisis situations to police intervention.
  • Adopt the policy drafted by the GCJAC that requires police to obtain a signed authorization before carrying out a warrantless search.

According to ngfm.

After the Greensboro Justice Coalition secures justice for Marcus, they plan to continue their fight against police brutality.

If you would like to join, give back, or donate to the Greensboro Justice Coalition in any way, please visit their Facebook webpage. @GSOjusticecoalition you can also click on the link to their link tree here

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