Time to admit we were wrong about Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple

The negative reputation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeit is Water Temple precedes itself, but despite all the negativity, it might not be quite what some fans remember. The dungeon has long been considered the worst in the series because it’s difficult and unnecessarily tedious. However, when looking Ocarina of time in retrospect, one will find that the Water Temple is perhaps one of the best-designed dungeons in the whole of The Legend of Zelda.

A big part of the reason Water Temple is so lamented by fans is due to the lack of user friendliness found in older games on the N64 like Ocarina of time. Navigating the four floors and hidden corridors of the Water Temple requires Link to find specific locations in the Zelda: Ocarina of Time dungeon to adjust the water level and repeatedly equip his iron boots in order to sink. Because the Water Temple’s labyrinthine structure and repeating wall patterns make it difficult to navigate, players usually have to repeat these two processes dozens of times to get to the end of the dungeon. What makes the situation worse is that, on the N64, Ocarina of time required players to enter the complex menu screen in order to equip or remove iron boots. Repeating these difficult and sometimes boring tasks made the Water Temple tedious compared to other dungeons in the game.


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However, the difficulty and boredom inherent in Ocarina of time‘s Water Temple are part of what makes it so brilliant. Besides the annoyances that come from lack of usability, the Water Temple challenges are so memorable because they are genuinely empowering; players are forced to explore, backtrack, and rethink their strategies rather than running in a straight line from point A to point B. Additionally, Ocraine of timeThe 3DS version of fixed much of what made the Water Temple so infuriating on the N64, namely allowing players to take on and off the Iron Boots with the press of a single button. But the truth is, the Water Temple never needed too much tinkering to fix it, because it was always conceptually brilliant.

What Makes The Water Temple Secretly Awesome In Ocarina Of Time

The Water Temple will quickly reveal its genius in Ocarina of time if players are attentive enough to recognize it. Upon entering the Water Temple, Link will be able to see many doors on the upper level which will remain unresolved until he explores further. This forces him to sink to the bottom of the dungeon, only finding more dead ends or inaccessible areas along the way blocked by locked doors, explosive walls, or missing platforms. After reaching the bottom, Link will be informed by The Legend of Zelda‘s Princess Ruto that he can change the water level in the dungeon to navigate its many corridors.

What makes this dungeon’s design so clever is that the Water Temple requires players to use logic to interact with its puzzle systems. The lack of options on the upper levels of the Temple of Water teaches players that they must sink downwards to pass through, and the explosive walls seen along the way also show that the water level will need to be modified so that bombs can be used. YouTuber Monster Maze Cleverly Compares These Dungeon Design Games Like metroid and Castlevania as all require players to backtrack to solve their puzzles; however, the dungeon can also be compared to breath of the wildThe Grand Plateau tutorial where players must explore and experiment in order to test what works and what doesn’t. And if the Grand Plateau, metroidand Castlevania can be loved so much for it, just like the water temple.

The Water Temple also includes one of the The Legend of Zelda best villains in the series: Dark Link. Not only is the battle with him the perfect level of difficulty to be fun, but Dark Link himself is the perfect miniboss for this dungeon. Just as the difficulties of the Water Temple cause players to rage and see the worst in themselves, Link also sees the worst in Dark Link. While this comparison was certainly not intended by Nintendo, it only serves to show why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeit is The water temple should be appreciated more than it is.

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