TPL Trakker partners with Proton Pento for software and hardware solutions

KARACHI: TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT company providing telematics, mapping and location services, recently partnered with Proton, a world-class Malaysian automotive company, to provide automotive software and hardware solutions .

The world is rapidly moving towards next-generation automotive connectivity. It has been estimated that nearly 70 percent of vehicles worldwide will come with built-in connectivity in the near future.

A connected vehicle is equipped with a host of smart features that enhance the overall driving experience by making it fluid and exciting. From advanced infotainment services on the go to fast navigation system, these intelligent vehicles are creating big disruption in the automotive industry

TPL Trakker and Proton have joined forces to revolutionize Pakistan’s automotive industry by delivering Pakistan’s first “smart vehicle”. As part of this partnership, TPL Trakker offered both online and offline Proton maps for the Proton X-70, while other cutting-edge hardware features such as infotainment system, camera and speakers will be installed in Proton SAGA in the future.

This collaboration will result in several more of these partnerships in the future, paving the way for new technological advancements in the industry and a first step towards autonomous driving technology.

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