Weiyun AI & Robotics Group Participated in AAO Annual Meeting with Its New Breakthrough AI SMILE, Shows Its Cutting-Edge Power in Dental Industrial AI

SHANGHAI, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About May 24, 2022the 122nd annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) concluded successfully in Miami, UNITED STATES. After two years of annual meetings online, this year experts and academics in the field of orthodontics from around the world have come together to steer the future of the entire industry. As one of the vendors invited to attend for the first time, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group and its dental medical brand AI SMILE have once again captured the industry’s attention with its industrial AI solutions and its technological advances.

Weiyun AI & Robotics Group attends the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists with its AI SMILE dental medical brand and new breakthroughs, which have attracted industry attention and once again showed its pioneering status in industrial AI.


Founded in 1900, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), as the oldest and most authoritative dental professional organization in the world, its annual meeting is considered a celebration of the orthodontic industry and academic exchange. In the future, it will guide a new direction for the development of the orthodontic industry.

Varying from the academic forums known to the public in the past, AAO incorporates industry exchange conferences, scientific knowledge exhibitions and orthodontic equipment exhibitions. One of the biggest highlights of this year is the pavilion of innovation in the miami beach Exhibition hall of the Palais des Congrès. Many successful cutting-edge technologies have debuted for the first time, which also indicates that the field of orthodontics has officially entered the era of technological globalization.


Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, as a pioneer of industrial AI and an advocate of new standards in the oral medical industry, has always attracted public attention. This year, he represented the leading technology company in this industry was invited by the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists. With its intelligent AI SMILE S4 intraoral scanner, which has just won the German award Red point Recently awarded, she made a stunning appearance, which again caught the attention of the industry. In addition to its beautiful minimalist and streamlined design, this oral scanner which has undergone 4 iterations, also has the ability to link the data portal of millions of cases worldwide with cloud brains, smart factories and terminal medical institutions. . It can be used in various oral medical scenarios, including orthodontics, implantation, restoration, dental aesthetics, etc., and provide doctors and patients with more comfortable, precise, effective visual orthodontic solutions and in real time, while the cost is only 1/3 of the same precision equipment but more efficient. Weiyun’s technology and its closed-loop industrial chain greatly reduce the production costs of robotic devices, making AI technology accessible for common real-world use.

In addition, AI SMILE also brought tri-layer and multi-layer TPU polymer diaphragms jointly launched with North American strategic partner GOOD FIT. This revolutionary disruptive product also aroused great interest among many professionals who came to communicate with it. Due to its strong molecular chain structure and high flexural modulus of elasticity, it can apply continuous and stable force, so as to fit the teeth tightly, strengthen the treatment, and ensure that the force of treatment is evenly and smoothly released onto the teeth. Moreover, it also has outstanding resistance performance in complex oral environment at the same time. This innovative breakthrough will also benefit 1 billion patients worldwide through extensive commercial use in the future.


At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of people in front of the AI ​​SMILE booth. With care and thought, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group staff introduced industrial AI solutions and technological breakthroughs through a combination of video explanations and operation demonstrations. Regarding future industry trends, in the reporter’s interview, AI expert SMILE replied, “Dentistry is an application scenario that requires highly customized solution design and high precision production and delivery standards. Artificial intelligence applications are undoubtedly the optimal solution for the future development of the dental industry. With years of technology accumulation and deep industry integration, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group has built a loop closed of high-precision large-scale flexible production capacity in the industry. And the team recently independently developed AI robot execution terminal equipment and achieved significant results. Technological breakthroughs have greatly improved production efficiency and reduced production costs, helping to popularize AI across the industry.


As an advocate and pioneer of industrial AI, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group has never stopped moving forward. With the essential advantages of artificial intelligence technology and robotic execution terminal equipment, it reshapes the ecological chain upstream and downstream of digital dentistry. In the oral medical industry with high market stock, individual demand and high precision demand, Weiyun AI has formed technical barriers in every link of the industry chain, truly realizing AI vertical landing and building a high-precision, large-size closed loop. scaled flexible production capacity. Meanwhile, Weiyun has been able to intelligently supply thousands of SKUs to the oral medical scene, forming unshakable international competitiveness and market influence, and establishing a pioneering position in the whole industry.

It is reported that through the annual American orthodontics conference, Weiyun AI & Robotics Group, based on its AI core technology and robot execution terminal, deeply strengthens the oral medical industry and sets standards industrial. Moreover, its unique strength in industrial AI in the industry and the status of reshaping industry standards have been widely recognized internationally. It is worth expecting that in the future, Weiyun will unleash more enormous potential and lead the dental medical industry to realize more endless possibilities.



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