Which Avengers villain would win a comedic fight

Thanos and Ultron are two of the most impressive villains in the entire Marvel Universe. What would happen if the two fought against each other?

Thanos and Ultron are two of the biggest and most formidable villains Avengers have never faced. When either of the two shows up, their presence often creates doomsday level threats for Marvel’s most famous supergroup. Both instill fear in even the most powerful heroes and have cemented their place among the best forces to be reckoned with throughout the Marvel Universe. If ever there was a battle between these two titans of wickedness, who would emerge victorious?

Since Thanos’ debut in The invincible iron man # 55, he made a name for himself as a being of immense strength and intelligence. His strength and tendency to ultra-violence marked the defeat of many characters, both terrestrial and cosmic. Thanos has the strength to hit straight through people, as shown Second civil war # 1 when he hits through the body of War Machine, as well as his father Mentor in Thanos (2016) # 2. Aside from pure strength, Thanos’ intellect is one of his greatest weapons. He’s been able to outsmart some of the smartest beings in the universe, most notably in the Jim Starlin movie. Thanos’ quest (1990), where he intelligently defeats several cosmic entities in order to earn the six Infinity Gems.

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Ultron’s greatest power as a villain is his ability to improve and adapt, making every fight against him a new challenge. Made by Dr. Henry Pym, the original Ant-Man, Ultron possesses the same inventive intuition as its creator. One of Ultron’s most powerful features is its adamantium body, which makes its exterior incredibly durable. Some of Ultron’s other powers include super strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to create powerful blasts of energy. Despite being defeated countless times, Ultron still finds a way to rebuild himself, which makes him extremely difficult to defeat completely. Despite these technological advantages, Ultron falls short of Thanos.

Thanos wins

Physically, Ultron’s adamantium body and weapons would make him a formidable opponent in a direct fight against the Mad Titan. Although adamantium is known to be one of the most durable metals in the entire Marvel Universe, its protection is not guaranteed. In Secret wars (1984) # 12, Hulk breaches Ultron-11’s armor with a single punch, allowing the Wasp to shrink and enter Ultron’s body to begin dismantling him from inside. Thanos has repeatedly shown that he can at the very least stand up to the fight against the Hulk, paving the way for the possibility that Ultron’s armor may not be enough to withstand many hits from someone with the Thanos’ strength.

Thanos’ superior intellect would also challenge Hank Pym’s maniacal AI. While one of Ultron’s greatest strengths is its technology, it has also proven to be one of its biggest downfalls. Ultron’s robotic structure is often exploited by his opponents in combat, causing his defeat. In Brian Michael Bendis The Mighty Avengers # 6, the Avengers defeat a female Ultron by infecting her with a computer virus planted in her body by a shrunken Ares. In Avengers # 68, Hank Pym makes Ultron lose his mind and self-destruct by simply saying the phrase “You will not kill.“Although Ultron’s body is extremely resilient, it’s hard to believe that a being with the level of intelligence Thanos possesses would be unable to find a way to use Ultron’s own programming against him. outsmarted some of the wisest beings of all time.The universe, even though Thanos couldn’t break directly from Ultron armor with strength, he certainly possesses the intelligence to find an alternate way to destroy Hank Pym’s creation.

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