WhiteLab Genomics and Genomic Therapies Technology Research Accelerator Announce Collaboration on Artificial Intelligence for Gene Therapy Bioproduction

WhiteLab Genomics, specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to gene and cell therapies, is entering into a collaboration with ART-TG, an Inserm laboratory expert in the preclinical and pharmaceutical development of ex vivo gene therapies.

The two players are joining forces to improve methods for the bioproduction of lentiviral gene therapy vectors using artificial intelligence.

As part of this partnership, the Accelerator for Technology Research in Genomic Therapies (ART-TG, Inserm US35) and WhiteLab Genomics teams will use the WhiteLab Genomics CatalystTM platform to generate a database specific to the bioproduction of lentiviral vectors and which will make it possible to identify the parameters allowing a significant increase in the quality of vectors as well as their production yields, and to reduce production costs.

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Scientists in a bioproduction lab (Photo: WhiteLab Genomics)

Cell and gene therapy represents a new biomedical approach, in full economic expansion and with the potential to treat a growing number of genetic and acquired diseases such as cancer. The pharmaceutical manufacture of these Advanced Medicinal Therapies requires acceleration in terms of standardization and process control to meet their growth. The collaboration focuses on the production of lentiviral vectors, which are used in various gene therapy approaches, including for the manufacture of CAR-T cells, as the purification of lentiviral vectors remains complex and at a critical capacity. The teams will use AI to analyze multiple sources of information in order to optimize existing processes and develop innovative processes. The approach carried out here with lentiviral vectors will be applicable to other bioproducts.

This project is made possible thanks to funding from the Ile de France Region, which supports Bioproduction efforts as part of its Ile-de-France Leader Bioproduction scheme launched at the end of 2020.

What are the experts saying?

“This collaboration with WhiteLab Genomics will allow us to integrate a large amount of information on critical parameters and their interconnections in complex processes so that we can adapt our experiments very quickly; a new way for us to work, to accelerate our strategic projects and to innovate ”, estimates Dr. Anne Galy, director of ART-TG.

“The collaboration with ART-TG allows us to work with global experts in the field of lentiviral vector bioproduction,” said David Del Bourgo, CEO and co-founder of WhiteLab Genomics. The work that will be carried out during this joint project will make it possible to find innovative solutions on the methods of capture and purification of vectors and to increase their yields significantly. “

About ART-TG

ART-TG is an Inserm innovation center located at the Génopole d’Evry and whose mission is to promote research excellence in gene and cell therapy by facilitating the transfer of therapeutic discoveries to their clinical or industrial applications. ART-TG is a pre-industrial laboratory for testing technological innovation and for the pharmaceutical development of products and production processes. Focused more particularly on immunotherapy and hematology, ART-TG is currently leading a set of innovative projects based on the use of lentiviral vectors or tools for editing the CRISPR genome for ex vivo uses. ART-TG is part of the industrial integrator MAGENTA (MAnufacturing cell and GEN Therapy Advances) of the French Government Biomedicines Challenge.
More information on www.art-tg.com.

About WhiteLab Genomics

Created in 2019 by David Del Bourgo, Julien Cottineau and Lucia Cinque, WhiteLab Genomics is a French start-up specializing in artificial intelligence solutions dedicated to biotherapies such as gene and cell therapies. Its proprietary technology allows the multi-parametric analysis of complex biological data to optimize and reduce the development costs of these treatments. WhiteLab Genomics makes this unique technology available to its customers via the Catalyst ™ platform available in SaaS mode. The start-up is now located in Genopole – Evry – the first French biocluster and at Station F.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210531005131/en/


Press contacts
David Del Bourgo
CEO – WhiteLab Genomics
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Gaële Rigault
Business Developer MAGENTA
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