Why Andor Doesn’t Connect With Casual Star Wars Fans

The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 6, “The Eye,” now streaming on Disney+.

Andor showed masterful story structure over its first six episodes. Episodes are grouped into sets of three, and each set tells its own story. Episodes 1-3 culminated with “Reckoning” as Cassian Andor and Luthen Rael escaped from Ferrix in an explosive firefight with CorSec soldiers. Similarly, Episodes 4-6 came together in “The Eye” when Cassian, Vel Sartha and the Rebel team attacked the Imperial garrison at Aldhani.

This distinct structure allowed Andor constantly building towards short-term resolutions and not dragging out its plot. The Disney+ series also excelled in character development, practical visuals, and overall tone. However, Andor is not the resounding success that the producers were probably hoping for. Here’s why he struggles to stay laid back star wars interested fans.

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Andor is awesome – but its numbers aren’t

After the A thug experience, star wars took a new turn. While there are still lightsaber-wielding protagonists, the franchise has begun to prioritize non-Force-sensitive characters. Cassian is one of these characters. He has an unassuming screen presence, but it’s also clear that the morally gray protagonist is not to be taken lightly. Between all the show’s positives and Cassian’s complex character, it’s easy to see why some fans are absolutely thrilled with Andor.

However, the figures indicate that they are in the minority. The series’ Rotten Tomatoes critics score was 91%, but the fan score is only 81%. On IMDb, only 3-4,000 people rate Andor episodes, while 20-50,000 fans have reviewed episodes of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi. marvel’s She-Hulk: Lawyer had a higher number of viewers.

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Why Andor isn’t attracting the interest of casual fans

Andor does not arouse general interest because of its lack of star wars contents. The series was marketed as something completely different from the rest star wars shows and movies, and it was aimed at the franchise’s most dedicated fans. Showrunner and executive producer Tony Gilroy explained that star wars‘ more “[committed and passionate] the audience is [Andor’s] main concern, and we want to bring them something that’s completely different from what they’ve had before.”

From this point of view, Andor is a success. Fans who show up for anything star wars enjoy the series. However, this niche target audience also suffers from Andor overall performance. While a grounded, dark series that focuses on morally questionable characters is entertaining, it’s not commercially viable. Without the flashy colors, lightsaber combat, and explosive force powers, it won’t appeal to casual or younger audiences. If the series maintains its single course in the remaining episodes, it will not attract a wider audience.

New episodes of Andor air Wednesdays on Disney+.

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