WISeKey and the Swiss Army sign a partnership agreement

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Geneva, BernOctober 13, 2022: WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey “) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a global leader in cybersecurity, Blockchain and IoT platform, today announced a partnership with the Swiss Armed Forces in space. This partnership between WISeKey and the Swiss army aims to lay the foundations for the development of new capabilities in the field of data security, the interconnection of objects or communication links based on a constellation of small satellites in low orbit. .

Since 2021, WISeKey has been cooperating with FOSSA Systems, a leading aerospace company focused on the development of picosatellites for IoT communications, to build WISeSaT.satellite, a security-enhanced FOSSASAT-2E satellite designed to further reduce satellite costs . Since then, WISeKey, in cooperation with FOSSA System, has launched 13 picosatellites into low orbit aboard the SpaceX Transporter Rideshare 3 mission and plans to create a constellation of 88 additional satellites into low orbit by the end of 2024. Thanks to WISeSAT, its brand new offering -Secure Satellite IoT Connectivity as a Service, WISeKey provides the satellite platform, launch, integration, ground station services and all of the architecture and components of security, as part of a turnkey SaaS solution for a secure space and low energy IoT connectivity based on IoT.

This new service offered by WISeKey reduces the complexity and cost of the communication link for the end customer and brings the advantages of space technology and embedded security within the reach of all IoT companies. Miniaturization helps reduce costs to a level that positions the WISeSAT offering as a competitive solution, even against traditional terrestrial connectivity like NBIoT networks. Thus, virtually any company could afford the use of such dedicated satellites to provide connectivity to any size of ecosystems.

“We are proud to partner with the Swiss Armed Forces in space,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey.

“Our goal is to ensure that Switzerland has concrete development in this cutting-edge technology sector, in order to provide Swiss companies with cybersecurity and data integrity in this sector,” said Pierre Maudet, Chief Transformation Officer. digital from WISeKey.

Satellites, nodes and sensors all feature hardware-based security by design, incorporating a VaultIC® 4XX secure element, providing FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL 5+ certification. The Secure Element, trusted identity using WISeKey’s VaultITrust to secure provisioning services, enables sensor authentication and data encryption, as part of a security-based architecture. on PKI. Additionally, WISeKey’s Certificate Lifecycle Management (INeS) Services can provide the user interface and automation features to manage the onboarding, provisioning and lifecycle management of devices and sensors. This comprehensive suite of services, from device to cloud and state-of-the-art in IoT security architecture, can currently only be found at WISeKey as a stand-alone one-piece vertical solution.

About WISeKey

WISeKey (NASDAQ: WKEY / SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading global cybersecurity platform company currently deploying large-scale digital identity ecosystems for human-friendly people and things as a backbone of internet. The WISeKey IoT technology stack includes a range of technologies such as Semiconductors, eIDs, Blockchain, NFTs, Post Quantum, Pico Satellites and Trust acting seamlessly as a platform that secures the simple connection of things to the Internet to the most complex applications who use them. connected objects, the data they collect and communicate and the different steps required to feed these applications.

WISeKey Semiconductors Secures the pervasive computing that shapes today’s Internet of Everything. WISeKey IoT has an installed base of over 1.5 billion microchips in virtually all IoT sectors (connected cars, smart cities, drones, agricultural sensors, anti-counterfeiting, NFT, smart lighting, servers, computers , cell phones, crypto tokens, etc.)

Our technology is endorsed by the Swiss-based OISTE/WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) which provides secure authentication and identification, in physical and virtual environments, for the Internet of Things. The WISeKey RoT serves as a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of online transactions between objects and between objects and people. For more information, visit www.wisekey.com.

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